Vlog Thoughts

I’m thinking about starting up a youtube vlog about the random nonsense I post here in written form, so I did a spot of reading regarding how it’s done.   The Uncyclopedia entry for “How to Make a Vlog” wins the internet today for cracking me up more than a few times.  Check out these tidbits:

  • “You could think of a vlog as a video journal that anyone can see or just a way for nerds to engage themselves in social discussion without the risk of encountering physical contact or a relative closeness to members of the opposite sex”

  • “For some a vlog is a window to the outside world, allowing them to feel as if they are normal human beings. For others it is a way to yell angrily about topics in which they know little to nothing about. Still others use vlogging to draw sympathy to their plight of nerdiness, aversion to people, or struggle with agoraphobia. All in all, however, a vlog has no real purpose on the internet other than crowding server space and bothering sane video viewers.”

FINALLY, something I can be an authority on; knowing little to nothing! 😀

I am Jon Snow.

Here is the link to the whole article.  It’s a great laugh. XD


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