Trauma Llamas; a Muse

Statistically speaking, it is a well known fact that many of my less than mentally stable fellow tripods are the

majority of perps behind unconsensual physical violence against all kinds of humans and other life forms.  What is less known, scientifically speaking, is why it seems to be an overwhelmingly male thing.

…so I’m going to speculate.

First, we have to put on our speculation-specs to examine the violent human animal.  A colleague, whose passion is PTSD and recovery, and I were throwing ideas back and forth last night about the source of an abuser’s behaviour.  The colleague maintains that ~90% of abusers must be this way due to childhood trauma that flipped the initial be-an-abuser switch.  Said colleague also maintains that we all have thresholds that can push our flight/fight response button when we’re in traumatic situations, and speculates that consistent childhood exposure to violent trauma (domestic abuse, physical/sexual abuse) lowers that threshold in humans who eventually grow up to be abusers themselves, so that’s where we see those guys who have the hair-trigger tempers and on-the-fly rage psychosis moments where they lose control of themselves and wail on someone or see Mary Blary every day, feel the blood really start to pump one day, and *BAM*…rapage, spurned on, of course, by predator instincts that kick in when the prey begins to (hopefully) fight back and present a threat.

I threw out the idea that perhaps, due to the constant exposure that provoked the f/f response and lowered that threshold as children, the abuser’s body’s natural parasympathetic system response would naturally degrade over time, and so their body’s ability to recover from being in the throes of adrenaline-induced rage/adrenaline fed sexual aggression, fast enough to let their rational mind take back control becomes crippled, hence the rage-fueled abuse which happens so readily and frequently from these people.

Oh…this all started because we were initially talking about asshole/psycho cops who beat the shit out of, or outright kill, people AFTER they’re cuffed and aren’t struggling.

The next question then was:   Assuming that this is the problem, how can we bring the parasympathetic response levels of those childhood traumatized abusing types back to “normal” levels, and would doing so then lower their incidences of violent behaviour?

Being the sadistic and ruthless motherfucker that I am, my suggestion was that, when a person is in the midst of an adrenaline rush, where the executive functions of the mind shut down and instinct takes over, what their mind/system needs is an abrupt shock (like when someone is crying hysterically and you bitch-slap them to bring them back to earth) in order to interrupt the process and allow their rational processes a chance to regain control.  How do we accomplish this?  Training the brain to do something when cued (not too unlike Pavlov’s dog, or perhaps Pavlov, from the dog’s perspective).

I say that we have the tech now to put monitoring implants in all police officers.  Find a way to make those implants talk to a small, minimally intrusive device, say under the cop’s nose as a wild example.  When the implants receive signals from the cop’s body that he/she is under the influence of adrenaline, then said device delivers a nice poof of smelling salts to the cop’s nose.  The hypothesis here is that the olefactory will get such a shock of a sensation from the salts that it will snap the cop out of whatever reptilian episode he/she is in and it will give said cop’s “rational” brain a chance to take back over and prevent the cop from doing the psychotic things they are doing to people (and their pets).  Imagine now, a cop in a shootout, or another really stressful situation, but able to stay truly calm and cool and maintain full control of him/herself DURING the event. A cop at ease is a cop able to think rationally.

This idea, if truly feasible, could equally be applied to habitual murderers, rapists and assaulters (the ones without the badges that is).

At best, it would be a temporary solution, with evaluations being given without the shock treatment until the ps system has righted itself.  At worst, the uber-violent have to keep the shock technology attached to their person while they are in the environment that triggers their on-the-job episodes until they’re too old to be a threat any longer.

As, OBVIOUSLY, the psychological evaluations being made for people entering police academies and entering field law enforcement is failing miserably to catch these nutters, my proposed solution is the ideal solution to lessen abuse by law enforcement until human LEOs are finally replaced by android LEOs.


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