Just One Guitar…

Nothing profound here, folks, just some personal rambling:

So, I’m sitting here thinking, ya know I’m poor anyway, why not have fun while I’m poor right? ┬áThis led me to looking at some guitars because I’d like to have fun playing live music (and acting), and I found this badass design:
Now, those of you who play guitar and know this brand and this model, know that this isn’t top of the line hardware, to say the least, but ya know what?
WTF CARES? (besides guitar snobs)
I’m-a pick up a couple of these bad boys, pick up a ghetto 100w combo amp (w/distortion or use a separate stomp box) from a pawn shop, find a band, and start kicking some ass.

Fuck the snobs, some of the best guitar players started out with less.

Calm like a Bomb,
– D

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