For the Tree Nerd

..or for hippies.

OMFG I know you’re so excited!

The Pix Page has been updated!  If you love trees(not pot, but the actual large plant like things that provide us with oxygen) and all things tree, then you may enjoy the newest set.  Go sheck it out, meng.

Next vlog thingy will be finished soon, hopefully.

First Vlog: Getting My Feet Wet

Allrighty then,

Well, I made one; just under 3 minutes, and it wasn’t about anything particularly poignant or profound, just random every day things.  Reviewing it, it’s very easy to see (and hear) that I’m new to vlogging, but that’s fine.  Like anything else, it’s a skill that needs to be honed.  I learned a few things from doing this, so I expect that as I continue down this path, they’ll improve.  Some pretty interesting things came across my cyber desk this week, so my next installment may be a little more involved, maybe, ha ha.

Vlog Thoughts

I’m thinking about starting up a youtube vlog about the random nonsense I post here in written form, so I did a spot of reading regarding how it’s done.   The Uncyclopedia entry for “How to Make a Vlog” wins the internet today for cracking me up more than a few times.  Check out these tidbits:

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Trauma Llamas; a Muse

Statistically speaking, it is a well known fact that many of my less than mentally stable fellow tripods are the

majority of perps behind unconsensual physical violence against all kinds of humans and other life forms.  What is less known, scientifically speaking, is why it seems to be an overwhelmingly male thing.

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